6 thoughts on “Cats and Concrete

    • Thanks for taking a look. They were outsiders that my neighbors and I fed and had fixed. The ‘Gang’ was made up of 4 and sometimes 5 cats. They’ve all gone over the Rainbow Bridge a few short years ago but the memories live on through my photos. I currently have two short hair domestics in the house, a calico and a tabby.

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      • Thank You, and no need to feel sorry. We always look at these things from the opposite perspective – considering the typical life of feral cats, we provided a good, full life and a home territory for them which otherwise might have ended tragically or early, or both. All died of natural causes and old age – we had most euthanized after determining there was no chance for a comeback. New generations have taken their place and life goes on.
        Please feel free to link to any of them for your blog.

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