The Northshore of Lake Pontchartrain – it’s the place in south Louisiana where everyone wants to move to. St. Tammany Parish, along with Washington Parish to the north and Tangipahoa Parish to the west is the fastest growing area of the state. Yet it retains a rural, easy-livin’ character.

As you drive along the I-12 corridor from I-55 to I-59, you’ll see what most agree is the number one feature – the trees! Tall pines were planted in the nineteenth century by logging companies and grace the landscape throughout, along with the indigenous varieties of cypress and oaks. Travel out of the pine woods and around the swamps and head south from I-12 through Lacombe where you’ll end up in the middle of the Big Branch National Wildlife Reserve. Big Branch is a large area of marshland and swamps that stretch along the lakeshore from Mandeville to Slidell. I take a lot of my photos in this area (see the ‘Lake Road’ page).

UPDATE 2015: Well, I have expanded somewhat on my subject matter here on the blog. I’ve started posting some photos of my cats, old pictures from family albums (not taken by me), and other subjects not related to my original charter. It was bound to happen as I have amassed a large portfolio over my many years of photography. If only digital photography was around when I started out. But that was a long time ago and most of the photos I took back then were part of my learning curve. I have to say I’m happy with today’s digital tech and looking forward to getting new equipment and more exploration.

I guess the next phase will involve whatever artwork I’ve done that I feel is presentable.

Bayou Liberty, Slidell, La.

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