Lake Road

Lake Road is a two mile stretch of gravel that extends from the end of LA34 to the shore of Lake Ponchartrain in Lacombe, Louisiana. It divides the Big Branch National Wildlife Refuge with Slidell to the east and Mandeville to the west.

My first exploration of this area back in the late 90’s was disappointing, to say the least. It was on a dark, gloomy weekday afternoon and everything seemed to be gray and featureless. I remember turning around about halfway and heading home, thinking there was nothing there of photographic interest. But, needless to say, that all changed.

In 2006, having made the transition from film to digital formats and gear, I decided to revisit and re-evaluate my assessment of this flat, seemingly desolate place. I remember being determined to find ‘something’ of visual value. I figured I could get some decent sky shots if nothing else, going down there for sunsets and sunrises. It took a good number of trips before I was able to get any presentable shots. But each time I realized more and more what potential this place had.

By 2008 Lake Road had become my favorite stomping ground for photography. Today, some of the best shots in my portfolio are from Lake Road. Everytime it seems I’ve covered it all, I discover something new.

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