The Omega Field

From Nature's beauty to desolation

From Nature’s beauty to desolation

For nearly twenty years since moving into my house I have always admired the area of woods that flanked the neighborhood, stretching about a mile to a wider area towards the back. I spent many afternoons and Saturday mornings walking through the paths and taking photos of whatever caught my eye. The outside cats loved it and would always follow me on our ‘field trips’. The towering pines gave the area a special character, and for me, had a theraputic value when I would turn in to the street at the end of the workday. I called it ‘The Outback’. But now it has all been razed down for ‘development’, for more unsightly apartment buildings and cookie-cutter homes. It is the end of something that I had bonded to, a place that made me feel better about where I lived, a place where I could escape if I needed it. So now I have renamed it “The Omega Field”. The gallery below will show you what it once was…


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